A SPECIAL someone has given Singapore Idol’s Hardy Mirza his wings.

The 26-year-old Singapore Idol 2 winner, who has consistently stressed that he’s unattached to concentrate on his career, reportedly has a new woman in his life. This is a big move on from Hana Abbas, a model she was previously gossiped with.

Hardy Mirza Singapore Idol & Fazura

She is none other than Malaysian actress-host Nur Fazura Sharifuddin, 23. Three separate sources confirmed to The New Paper that the two are dating.

According to them, Hardy and Fazura met at the MTV Hip Hop Party at the Ministry Of Sound club on 30 Nov and exchanged numbers.

One source said: ‘He’s very much into her. They are madly in love and they talk practically every day on the phone.’

Since then, the couple have been seen around town together. Hardy was even spotted sending her off at the airport two weeks ago, wearing a ski cap in a vain attempt to prevent detection.

Fazura commutes regularly between Kuala Lumpur, where she’s based, and Singapore, where she films her show MTV Jus.

The up-and-coming starlet, who won the Most Promising Actress Award at last year’s 17th Malaysia Film Festival, shot to fame in the 2005 football film Gol & Gincu, and can be seen on its TV sitcom spin-off of the same name now airing on Suria.

Hardy recently ended his two-year relationship with ex-girlfriend Nur Farhana (Hana Abbas), a 2003 The New Paper New Face finalist, to pursue Fazura.


Now, things between the former lovers are ‘not on a very comfortable level’, said the 22-year-old model.

Farhana told The New Paper: ‘Our relationship was still going well, but he changed after Idol. Somebody saw (Hardy and Fazura) together and told me about it, and I’ve heard things in the industry.

‘But I’m not sure if he would find someone else that soon, because he’s at the peak of his career. But if they’re really dating, then good for them.’

However, the rumoured lovebirds are keeping their lips sealed.

An MTV Asia spokesman said that Fazura is ‘currently travelling’, but she managed to reply via SMS: ‘While I am pretty open about my life and work, I really hope to keep my personal life private. I would rather not comment on speculations…’

When contacted, Hady claimed he heard ‘the same rumour going around’, but would only confirm that they ‘met through friends’ at the MTV Hip Hop party and ‘that’s about it’.

On Fazura, he said coolly: ‘She’s not bad. She’s not based here, so I don’t really see her.’

On the possibility of them being an item, he replied: ‘I’m not sure… I haven’t thought about that.’

Hardy declined to comment on his break-up with Farhana because ‘it’s a bit too personal’.

But he insisted that ‘relationships are too far off at the moment’ because he’s too busy focusing on the repackaging of his self-titled debut album, which will be in stores at the end of the month. (from The New Paper, Singapore)

Editor’s Comment: Well Fazura, whatever it is, all the best.

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