What’s the fuss with Fasha Sandha and her “ranjang” scene in Badai Pasti Berlalu? Fasha was given a small role, together with fellow actor, Que Haidar in the movie. What was made out of proportion was out of the five scenes that she had for the movie, only one was included in the movie i.e. her “adegan ranjang” / (scenes on the bed) with Winky Wiryawan. Fasha perceives this will not sit well with the Malaysian audience. In the movie, Fasha will be Puteri, a friend of Siska (Raihaanun) and involved with a love triangle between Leo (Vino B Bastian), and Helmy (Winky Wiryawan). “Badai Pasti Berlalu” is a movie based on the novel written by Marga T and directed by TEDDY SOERIAATMADJA. It features two of quite famous Indonesian celebrity, Vino B. Bastian and Raihaanun. It contains some explicit kissing scene between Vino and the cute and sweet Raihaanun. To watch the steamingly hot video clip, you may go to Badai Pasti Berlalu Movie Trailer. The movie has just been released in Indonesia on February 14th, 2007.


Original Sound Track (OST) by Ari Lasso

Gambar Poster Badai Pasti Berlalu

Gambar Raihaanun Moein

Raihaanun will be much talked about actress in Malaysia when it’s launched here

Gambar Raihaanun di dalam hujan

Gambar Adegan Ranjang Fasha Sandha dengan Winky Wiryawan

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