I have been asked to do a review of PRICELESSPARTNER.COM, a MATCH-MAKING SITE. Since I have been in the dating and wedding business for quite sometime, I guess it’s very much appropriate for Glen to get a REVIEW ME from me.

My first overall impression was that, the website was very easy to navigate as all the important links sit at the top of the page and the nicest thing was that registration took me less than 1 min. Most important of all the the dating website is 100% free. I just can’t believe that dating can be this CHEAP ;-p. This includes premium offerings such as webcam and chat features. The reason being that this website was created, according to the owner, Glen, out of frustration with the more streamlined dating websites that only care for people’s money with no serious intention to assist people to find their soul partner. Now with this website, you can spend as much time as you want to chat, message and get involved in its forum with no time and function limitations whatsoever until you find your pricesless partner or true love as its domain name suggests.

Pricelesspartner.com - Free Dating Website

The nice thing about Pricelesspartner.com is its MATCH COMPATIBILITY function. This function works according to a preset categories such as age and marital status just like you have on myspace and friendster. You can pick a partner from your own country. Amongst heavily populated profiles are those from U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand while from Asia are China, India and Thailand. But rest assured, the website is going to gain popularity from time to time and for all you know you would have 1000’s of people registered from your neighbourhood or somebody across the border might just pick you out from the crowd. Do you ever imagine or fancy starting a new life overseas? Upon overall review, the strongest points of the website, which can easily distinguish it from the rest, to me are as follows:

  • its FORUM – where you can discuss on relationships, dating tips, single parents, source for love poems as well as life as a lesbian or gay.
  • The many wonderful profiles that it has whom I think can be considered as very interesting. To find out who these profiles are, you may click on the MOST POPULAR PEOPLE link.
Shantelle - PricelessPartner.com
To increase number of subscribers, I do believe that Glen can offer free ebook on romance and relationships and then follow up with these people through emails by showing latest matched profiles from Pricelesspartner.com’s database (Direct email marketing). This will definitely help to attract people back to the website and potentially persuade them to fill in a complete profile for other users to check out.
Nevertheless, there’s nothing to lose to register on Pricelesspartner.com. So why not go there now and sign up? It’s 100% free. Try to talk to Shantelle..;-D