Yup Bujang Lapok is back, but not the adults though..they come in smaller sizes…May be you can regard this as a pre-quel to all of P. RAMLEE’S BUJANG LAPOK MOVIES..Yea lah budak lapok mesti datang dulu sebelum Bujang Lapok macam cerita STAR WARS. I have to admire WAFA for producing this BUDAK LAPOK movie and will admire her even more if the movie can break the box-office record at the cinemas. Budak Lapok is a fictional story revolving around legendary actors such as Tan Sri P. Ramlee, Datuk Aziz Sattar and S. Shamsuddin, when they were young. Set in Kampung Semerah Padi, Budak Lapok sees young Ramlee, Ajis and Sudin facing numerous challenges and learning life’s lessons. Oh ya, they also have SARIP DOL, samseng Kampung Dusun..hehe..According to the producer, the movie was inspired by the good old days of the BUJANG LAPOK trio. They have also inserted familiar scenes and dialogues from timeless movies such as Bujang Lapok and Laksamana Do Re Mi. But one thing I don’t quite like about this movie is that they are not using Ajis and Sudin’s voices for the kids. This can be a real turn off as they are the main attractions. If they are really serious about reliving the good old days, at least they should let them represent themselves in the movie. Barulah ada oomph..It will be funnier and more interesting to listen to Ajis and Sudin trying to sound like a kid…kan? Instead, newcomers Mohd Hasrul Syafiq, Mohd Hafizuddin Mahmud and Mohd Eric Mohd Fuzi play the lead characters of Ramlee, Ajis and Sudin respectively.

The three take part in a football game against defending champions Sekolah Kampong Semerah Padi led by naughty Sarip Dol. Meanwhile, the three boys are also planning to win the hearts of village lasses, Nani, Salmah and Eton, by taking part in the inter-school drama competition even though both Ajis and Sudin are fearful of appearing on stage. Things become complicated when both the drama competition and the soccer match fall on the same day. The three need to come out with a plan to be at two places at almost the same time.

BUDAK LAPOK revisits the old theme and storyline of BUJANG LAPOK…Well you all know what happens to 2nd and 3rd edition of a movie right? It will never have the same effect. A case in point is THE AMERICAN PIE! I know P Ramlee’s movie is timeless but P Ramlee is creative enough to create many different stories and situation in each of his MOVIE.. Just check out SENIMAN BUJANG LAPOK and ALI BABA BUJANG LAPOK. Do they have the same storyline? He never revisits any of the storyline that he did previously. Each one can stand on its own even when having the same actors.

Seniman Bujang Lapok
WAFA risks RM2.5 million for this movie and it’s not even in English for international market. I guess it can always rely on subtitles. Whatever it is, all the best to Wafa, Matahati Productions and David Teo of METROWEALTH PRODUCTIONS who is in charge of the marketing and promotions of the movie! Sorry for the tough comments. I just want you guys to succeed. I will be glad if you prove me wrong! P RAMLEE MP3? OR P RAMLEE’S HISTORY? CHECK OUT THE LINK BELOW! Enfiniti Productions will be presenting Teater Muzikal P Ramlee at ISTANA BUDAYA, 18 Oct-3 Nov. For tickets booking, please visit ticketbiz2u.com or buy directly from ISTANA BUDAYA, KUALA LUMPUR.

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