NONTERRO is the latest pet project by Abang Roslan Aziz and his long time friend, Mukhlis Nor, a song writer and the man behind many succesful albums by Zainal Abidin and Sheila Majid. In this exciting endevour they have decided to be at the frontline as the singers of their own creative songs and they call themselves aLi. This is a tough challenge for this duo as the music that they are bringing in is something that is considered as transcendental, crossing bravely the racial boundaries. It’s not meant for the Malays-only taste. Some elements in it that really zing which would make you consciously realise that it has wide appeal. Nevertheless I believe this kind of song has its followers and niche and the market is really big outside Malaysia. May be Abang Roslan and Mukhlis are aiming for the bigger carrot.
Among the songs in the album are Haring, Nonterro, Lemas and One Thousand Verses (a duet aLi recorded with Joe Flizzow of Too Phat from the soundtrack of the movie, Haru Biru). The production took several years due to Abang Roslan’s tight schedule being involved in Akademi Fantasia 5 as the headmaster and also the production of PUTERI GUNUNG LEDANG SOUNDTRACK.

You may listen to the album online here at REVERBNATION. The album proper will only come out next month.


1000 Verses by aLi and Joe Flizzow



Good Luck!