Who would not be jealous and go crazy if you know your girlfriend kisses somebody else other than yourself! This was the reaction by Ashraff Sinclair when he found out her beloved girlfriend, BUNGA CINTA LESTARI (BCL) was locking lips with a handsome Indonesian actor, ANDHIKA PRATAMA in the movie ADA KAMU, AKU ADA that was recently launched in Jakarta. BUNGA was saying that it’s not something she thinks Ashraff should know as she has no feelings for ANDHIKA and it was done only in a movie and not in real life. Andhika when questioned by the Indonesian press said that he did the kissing scene purely for the joy of MONEY and not LUST. But should the kissing scene happen in the first place at all? Go figure! Other girls who got a chance to kiss ANDHIKA PRATAMA as part of movie sequence was NIA RAMADHANI.

[acha septriasa sungguh cute – click here]



[acha septriasa sungguh cute – click here]


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