A lot of people have been wondering the exact real costs of organising a beach wedding in BALI. Having a wedding near the sea breeze is considered uber chic and very well sought after by those in love of white sands and prestige. The costs of shipping the whole family and friends is enough to drop your jaw, without mentioning the costs of actually having it out there. Here are some tips that can save you money if Bali Beach Wedding is your thing:

  1. Go travel with Air Asia, try booking 8 months in advance to get cheap tickets (around RM500 for a return ticket per person).
  2. Just bring along a professional photographer to take pictures of you in your wedding dress for people at home. So it will be 3 people deal.
  3. Make the wedding coincide with other people holiday plans. So that people will have other reasons to go to Bali other than your wedding. That way, their expenses will not be on your back.

But of course if you have deep pockets, you can always count on professional wedding planner. You may find below a good list of wedding planners in Bali:

  1. Balli Wedding Venue
  2. Bali Wedding Butler
  3. Bali Wedding Holidays
  4. Shangri-La Hotels Bali Beach Weddings

Bali is a wonderful city, this I can tell you from my own personal experience. But food is not as what you expected. But try to savour some seafood by the sea at Jinbaran. You will definitely like the experience!