Irfan Khairi has always been my idol. He was the one who made me going online 2 years ago. It was from his book, Rahsia Jutawan-Jutawan Internet Terbongkar, that I started to read up on internet marketing and ebooks. Now for the first time, Irfan has done us a favour again. He gets several millionaires together and picks their brains for our benefits. This secret is contained in an ebook called, MENTOR JUTAWAN BERSAMA IRFAN KHAIRI. I read quite a lot of books on financial management and entrepreneurship. This include Azizi Ali’s Millionaire Landlord, Napoleon Hill, Secrets of Self-Made Millionaire by Adam Khoo, Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad and Poor Dad and find that this is an interesting way to further add to my knowledge. Well if we don’t change ourselves, who will? I learn not only the methods to earn side income well but also to make money work for me instead of me working for money. I hope I could own a new BMW 325i Sports in 2 years time. Wish me luck. Click the banner below for more info.


Mentor Jutawan 2008 (baru)- klik di sini!Sekiranya anda ingin menjadi seorang doktor pakar, anda perlu belajar di Medical School. Sekiranya anda ingin belajar perniagaan, anda perlu belajar di Business School. Tetapi, sekiranya anda ingin menjadi jutawan, anda memerlukan mentor-mentor Jutawan!