There has been a lot of fuss about this lately. Some say it’s crazy, some say it’s unbelievable. Some say it’s to the detriment to those who live in the rural areas. Some claims that turning the learning medium to English for Maths and Science will not make the students better in English. Well I have this simple comment to make. “You can always take the horse to the water, but you cannot force it to drink it” The same goes to learning English or any types of learnings. You can introduce all sophisticated learning methods and give all the best facilities to the students, but if the attitude of the individual students is not right or have a rather negative or dimmed view towards learning Maths and Science in English, the students will never progress or improve on their English. But here are the cold hard facts:

  • It will be easier to pick up English if you use it more often or more exposed to it
  • It will be easier to communicate technically and absorb latest cutting edge science and maths discoveries if you study the subject in the language.
  • No more stupid English to Malay translation such as from BUDGET jadi BAJET..What’s the purpose of this? Ini ke orang yang sayang bahasa? I am not sure if anyone of us can remember the real Malay word for BUDGET now that the word BAJET has been used quiet infectiously.
  • The rural students can learn English from TV and English story books (Hey I just checked that Mills & Boons novels are selling at RM4.00 apiece for 300-page novel)..Cuma nak tak nak jea.. semuanya bermula pada diri sendiri..
  • While GMP says “by learning Maths and Science will not improve one’s grasp of these two subjects”, I guess I should pose a reverse question back to him..”Do you think by learning Maths and Science in Malay will improve one’s grasp in the subject then?” It may or may not improve, but what it will do for sure is to get our students ahead in terms of understanding the subject in a wider context. Don’t you think it’s easier to study the subject through the internet (majority of which are in English) beyond the textbook now that you know the technical terms in English?” I would say a resounding yes!