Drama ANAK WAYANG nampaknya sudah bermula di ASTRO. Drama yang berjudul KECUALI CINTA ini mula bersiaran pada 25 Mei yang lalu dan akan berterusan selama 50 episod. Drama ini ke udara pada pukul 8.30 malam dari hari Isnin dan Jumaat. What really puzzles me is their actors and actresses line up consists of some of the well-known and established celebrities such as Nanu Baharudin, Haleeda, Tasya Aziz, Mustapha Kamal, Janet Khoo, Aman Shah,┬áRiz Ainuddin, Sabrina Hassan, Liza Abdullah, Pushpa Narayan, Ezani Nizariff dan Ainul Aishah. I thought the focus should be on the students. The storyline and the presence of these people will take away the shine from the students who are supposed to make the show! I was made to understand that the students will only play minor roles in the drama such as a nurse, mechanic, personal assistant, gangster’s sidekick as well as event manager. With such cameo roles I wonder how much their acting talent can really be shown. I prefer the same scene to be replayed with the same actor/actress. Then let the audience vote. Send comments using sms (like chat system on channell 15, real time). Orang nak mengkritik, nak mengutuk, let the messages flow freely, so it will create message war amongst fans of the actors and actresses..ASTRO can generate more money this way..No point paying expensive acting fees to those established actors and actresses.

RTM is also working on the same project led by Rosyam Nor called PILIH KASIH. Pada penglihatan saya kedua-duanya agak kurang menyengat. Hope you guys can prove me wrong! Enough of of my opinions. WHILE at it, why don’t we check out the pretty faces of ANAK WAYANG participants.







Thanks to murai.com.my for the pictures

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