It was rather a hectic day yesterday. After registering my son for his Tweedlewink class at Neo Damansara, Damansara Perdana, as planned we headed for Suria KLCC for some action at PETROSAINS. It has been a trip that has been planned for sometime and it’s the first time for my son and wife. As such it’s really something that the three of us as family have been looking forward to. We finally reached PETROSAINS at around 4pm and it was a quick process at the ticket counter as the staff were very efficient. We have actually heard a lot about the new exhibition at PETROSAINS called MUZIKA and yesterday was well worth the wait visit. The first thing that I saw as I stepped into the place was the large globe. This exhibit is called SONGS AROUND US.


As you put a “vacuum cleaner” like host onto one of the dots, you will get hear the song from that particular country. There are ninety songs altogether from countries all over the world. Interesting. Not only you can learn about their culture through the songs but you can also learn about how the country around the world express their emotions.


As I put the detector over Malaysia’s dot, a dikir barat song came on.


My nine month-old baby seems to like it too.

The highlight of the visit was the Scratching exhibition. Here comes DJ FayZ. Although Zouk is already out of bounds for me since becoming a father, the feeling and excitement of a DJ scratching the black vinyl still live deep within. I just didn’t waste much time and start scratching the vinyl myself. Check out the video below… Any takers, me doing the rounds at your club at night time? 🙂



Some young patrons at my club..Yooo cover charge bro! You’ve got me groovin’! Everybody is welcome..


Air guitar is another interesting exhibit where you get to strum away with an invisible guitar. I feel like a rockstar bro!





This magical harp with no string can play 8 instruments. Just click on one of the eight buttons and start running your fingers along the sensors. You can play piano, flute, saxophone etc.

There are lot of other exhibits on display at PETROSAINS, but I won’t tell you here as it will spoil the fun. ..There are many more wonderful mysteries of science and music waiting to be discovered there. It opens from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on weekdays (except Monday) and 9.30 am – 6.30 pm on weekends and public holidays. I will certainly visit PETROSAINS again! If you want to learn more about the exhibition, check out

Before I forget, there is actually a contest being run by PETROSAINS at the same time.  Some of the attractive prizes that can be won are Nintendo Wii, PS3 and iPod. All you need to do is to go to and register yourself, answer 5 quiz questions and enter your slogan and press submit. You also need to submit your friends’ name and email while you are at it.

But, there are also rules to it:

  1. Each Participant is allowed a maximum of 3 entries.
  2. Each complete entry shall consist of 5 duly-answered multiple choice questions and an entry slogan.
  3. Questions and answers are based on the “Muzika” exhibition.
  4. The five (5) Participants who submit entries with the highest number of correct answers and who clock in the shortest amount of time will be declared winners of the Contest. In the event of a tie, the Participant with the best slogan shall be adjudged the winner of the Contest.


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