Tweedlewink is a name that was quite alien to earlier this year. But somehow, somewhere it just won me over. Tweedlewink is about providing a wholesome education to children from the womb – 6 years old. Early part of the life is focused on stimulating the right brain and the later part on engaging the both left and right to work harmoniously.  Kids who undertook this class have shown exceptional ability to read and carry out  quick mental maths calculations. They have classes for your kids to experience the learnings. 12 classes are held per term, one hour for each session. DVDs are also available. But here’s the thing. It’s difficult to get your child to focus on the TV, so buying DVDs may or may not worth your while. Perhaps it’s best if you could send your children to their classes. PERMATA NEGARA programme whose patron is DATIN ROSMAH MANSOR, I was made to understand contains if not all some basic foundations from TWEEDLEWINK.



If you are interested in the education, you may download the course brochure here or contact 03-7710 1090 for more information. They have 3 branches in MALAYSIA. One in Neo Damansara, Puchong and Klang. I will write a review next on other early childhood education programme such as GLENN DOMAN, MARIA MONTESSORI, DR. ROBERT TITZER’s YOUR BABY CAN READ (YBCR) programmes. Oh by the way, you may get hold of the famous GLENN DOMAN flashcard kits by contacting Lily on 019-600 1380. Don’t forget to mention [FAIZAL] for 5% discount. 🙂

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