Syafia Humairah Sahari telah menjadi mangsa penderaan pakwe kepada ibunya yang kejam. Pakwe ibunya dikatakan telah bersekedudukan bersama ibunya dan selalu melakukan penderaan ke atas adik Syafia Humairah Sahari. The last straw was when adik Syafia was kicked and stomped upon with football boot by this nasty guy who happens to be a taxi driver. Kejadian berlaku apabila adik Syafia tidak memberikan bola yang dipegangnya kepada kejam haram tersebut. Masya Allah! hukumannya kita sebat Dan sunat dua Kali jantan ini Dan ibunya.

Hulu Selangor police chief Supt Norel Azmi Affandi Yahya said the body of the victim, Syafia Humai rah Sahari, was brought to the Kuala Kubu Baru Hospital by the single mother’s companion and his accomplice, claiming that the child was involved in a road accident.

The 28-year-old man who brought the child’s body to the Emergency Ward at about 8.30pm, hurriedly left the hospital, apparently to make a police report.

“When the nurse wanted more information from the man, he fled the scene, claiming he was going to make a police report.

“At 11pm the hospital staff contacted the police, wanting to know if there was any report of an accident.

“But since there was none, the hospital inspected the body and found marks believed to have been caused due to abuse,” Supt Norel Azmi said yesterday.

He said initial investigations revealed that the child who had suffered injuries to her chin, stomach and below the ears, was believed to have died while on the way to the hospital.

The police later detained the man, a taxi driver, at 3am to facilitate investigations.

The single mother, who lives at Kampung Batu 30, Ulu Yam Lama, and the man are believed to have known each other for six years and have an 18-month-old child from their relationship.

He added that the mother, who fainted after hearing of her child’s death, was receiving treatment at the Kuala Kubu Baru Hospital.

Meanwhile, according to a witness who refused to be named, the suspect had brought Syafia Humairah to a football field and while playing, the child suddenly started crying.

The witness added that upon hearing the child crying, the suspect, who was wearing football boots became angry and started stomping her in the presence of many people.

Those who witnessed the incident later rushed to the child’s aid and released her from the suspect’s clutches before putting her in the suspect’s taxi to be taken to hospital. — Bernama

I am totally disgusted with the man and the deceased mum. She looked like nothing happened on tv. She must be extremely naive to say that her boyfriend is a nice person and has been treating her children well..

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