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Enopi Malaysia – Thinking and Critical Maths

Enopi has been in Malaysia for quite sometime. Those with small children might have heard of the name along with a bunch of others such as Smart Reader, Q-dees, Kumon and Krista. Enopi originates from Korea and have many franchises all over Malaysia. The key attractions to Enopi is their Maths Programme. From my observation, their English programme is just as competitive as Kumon and other programmes at a good kindergarten in Malaysia. But there is really nothing special. Their Maths programme is divided into two stages, Basic Thinking Maths and Critical Maths. To find out the difference on these two stages, you may view the video below.




What Enopi does is to ensure that kids acquire the ability to think creatively to solve Maths problems. This takes quite sometime to train. But then again I have a couple of books that can be used alongside to help you achieve your objectives faster. Other that teaching the kids the thinking techniques, you may also want them to recognise patterns in the numbers to build their creativity.

Enopi Centre Details in Malaysia

Website: http://www.enopi.com/Main/Main_Local.aspx?CountryCd=Malaysia

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