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From Zero to Hero: Raising an Intelligent Child

Is a genius in a child a gift or can be trained/educated? A lot of us would like to believe that it is the latter. In some way it’s true because, how else can you explain consistent intelligence in Halimahton’s kids, the lady who had raised Sufiah Yusof and her siblings to become child geniuses. Studies of child geniuses also reveal that these children receive a certain development exposure and learning environment when they were still a baby. Children are taught to become more inquisitive and curious about their environment and their learnings are mostly exploratory. Einstein for example learned a lot from his environment and keep posing questions to his mind about the way things work. To answer, he always let his mind run wild with imagination. This is his Einstein’s unique way of problem solving. The same goes with Isaac Newton. In short, if we were to have an intelligent child, we must teach them how to problem solve independently. Be it Maths or everyday’s problems. Don’t provide the answers when they ask question because this will prevent them from being creative, but lead them in a way that can help to find the answers. These are some of the teachings by Halimahton Yusof on her book, GENIUS IN 28 STEPS. [I do have to caution you that the website seems to have been abandoned and attempt to contact Halimahton was in vain. But the link is still working if you were to purchase the book using credit card. But then again I don't provide any guarantee.]


Learning in the early years should be unstructured, informal and fun. This will encourage them to learn and not write off learning as something that is cumbersome. Explain to them in details about their surrounding at every opportunity. That will heightens their observation skills. This will also teach the child to be creative and innovative.


Dr. Robert Titzer’s Your Baby Can Read (YBCR) programme has been very successful. In an accidental twist, Dr. Titzer discovered that his home made video made his daughter able to recognise words. His approach is called multi-sensory approach where babies not only can see the whole words but also see the meaning  behind the words also the hear the sound of the words e.g. hear the sound of the elephant for the word ELEPHANT.



YBCR VCDs  or DVDs can be bought at most of the DVD shops in Malaysia that sells babies DVDs including Parkson. They can also be bought online from MY TOYS AND BOOKS.

Apart from being exploratory, there is other school of thought (Glenn Doman/Shichida) that says you should teach your children how to memorise things taking advantage of their right brain ability from birth. This method of learning involves repetitive flashing of flashcards to children which result in the children being able to capture the words written on the flashcards like a camera in their brain. This is possible because in the early years (from birth till age 3/4) children’s brain development mainly dominated by the right brain which is known for its ability to capture multiple images in seconds. Children are taught from birth to remember these words until they accumulate more than 200 vocabulary. They progress from single words to couplets, phrases and then sentences. Ability to read these words in sequence constitutes a reading. Thus it’s not a big deal for these Glenn Doman kids to be able to read as early as 2 years old. Some of the best resources where you can get these Glenn Doman or SHICHIDA materials are

Early reading helps the child to learn more on their own, thus increase their knowledge tremendously to understand their environment around them. Thus it’s no wonder that children as young as our own child genius, ADIPUTRA has started reading an encyclopaedia as young as 3/4 year old.

Realising the importance of Early Childhood Education, Datin Rosmah Mansor had launched PERMATA PINTAR PROGRAMME last year to cater for the needs of these children. PERMATA taska had been set up around the country (http://permata-negara.blogspot.com/) with the aim to develop these young children into child geniuses or at least smarter than their parents. Singapore long has had its own school for the Gifted and Talented called NUS HIGH, where we just started. But I wonder what adik Adiputra is leading to? I suggest that he takes A-LEVELS and register himself for some top university in the UK such as Cambridge or Oxford. I heard you need to be 17 year old to sit for SPM. Should we have this rule for child geniuses?

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